March "Those Who Inspire" Winners

March "Those Who Inspire" Winners
Posted on 03/15/2018
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March "Those Who Inspire" Winners

Ms Rowland
Left to right: Mr Zych, Mr Poynter, Ms Rowland, Mrs Eutis

Ms. Julie Rowland – District Bookkeeper
Julie is a wonderful example of doing the right thing when no one is watching because very often we don’t really see what she’s taking care of. She quietly works away in her office dotting every “I” and crossing every “T”. She doesn’t just pay the bills for the textbooks, computers, field trips, and materials. She watches every penny to make sure that we are squeezing all we can out of them! She works closely with the administrative staff to watch investments, helps with grant applications, and yes she pays the bread man too!
She’s the quiet number cruncher that keeps us all going. Because of this I think she is an excellent example of inspiration.

Ms Wagner
Left to right: Mr Poynter, Mr Zych, Ms Wagner, Mrs Eutis

Ms. Tara Wagner – School Social Worker

Tara may be new to the job here at Hiawatha and there have been many duties added to the expectations but she does each task with the utmost certainty. If she is unsure about something she will research it and find the correct procedure. When she works with students she makes each student feel special and she acts as if they are the only student she has because she puts time and energy in to each one. Hiawatha is fortunate to have found someone with true character and integrity.

March TWI
Ms Rowland is congratulated by the Board at their meeting. Ms Wagner was absent - she was busy coaching girls softball at an away game!