Food Services

What’s new in the kitchen…..? 

Well we do have new State and Federal regulations.  These regulations require us as a school to provide our students with the healthiest meals possible.  All our breads will be whole grain.  All milk must be fat free or 1 %.  Each student must have 1-2 oz. of meat daily.  Each student must have ½ to 1 cup of fruit and at least a ¾ to 1 cup of veggies at each meal.  All extra items available like chips, cereal bars, water and juices do not come on the lunch tray.  

We do also have applications at both offices to apply for free and reduced meals. If you are struggling and/or have had a change in your income please come in and fill out an application.  You can also call an office and have it sent home with your child.If your child has free lunch now and brings a cold lunch they will have to pay for milk if they want milk which is $.40.  They’re milk is only free if they get a tray.   

In the event your child pays for his/her lunch they must maintain positive balance.  If your child has a negative balance you will receive a “purple note” from the school or an email.  This note or email will inform you on your child’s balance.  If your child has a negative balance a peanut butter sandwich and a cup for water will be provided, as explained in the student handbook. 

As always if you have any questions or concerns please call me or email me. Angie Moore 815-522-2686 or angie.moore@d426.org let’s have a great school year…

 Lunch Tray